Big Feet Review of Cole Haan LunarGrand Wingtip

After wearing these shoes about a dozen times, the perforated seam on the right shoe has completely separated. I thought this may just be a bad pair, so I reached out to Cole Haan. They told me that despite buying them from Cole Haan directly, I'd have to take them into the store in Oregon myself. Since that store is about 3,000 miles away I am left with no options. I let them know this isn't possible and that I'd just like them to make it right. I have gotten no response. I'm going to have to change my thoughts on these shoes and the brand itself something incredibly negative. This is not the product or experience associated with a premium footwear brand.
Photos below to shoe the perforation seperating and the condition of the sole. You can see from the sole these have been worn very little.

The LunarGrand Wingtips are not the new hotness on the block, that award goes to the new ZerøGrand collection. However the LunarGrand line includes some incredible looks and colorways that have always made it a shoe I wanted to try out. Being a size 13, medium-wide foot and nearly 300 pounds, it’s not easy for me to find stylin’ kicks that are comfortable. This was especially true for Cole Haan while under Nike’s ownership - until recently, I had never worn a Nike shoe that fit or was comfortable on my big feet. I clearly recall begrudgingly returning a handsome pair of Cole Haans after numerous unsuccessful attempts to jam them onto my feet. The salesperson asked, “Did you try a shoe horn?” To which I responded with a brutish, loud sigh. 

I recently decided to give Cole Haan another chance and to my delight, the ZerøGrand, Original Grand and LunarGrand lines slide onto my large feet nicely, after only a little fiddling. Additionally, my pair of LunarGrand Wingtips now go on very easily after the first two days of use. I took this opportunity to include these rad shoes in one of my first fashion/product reviews for big dudes.

The Shoe
Cole Haan LunarGrand Wingtip
Suede Grey / Yellow Luna sole
Size 13, regular width
Older line, now available at the Cole Haan outlet - $150

The Fit - Good
As I mentioned above, I have a medium-wide foot. It really depends on the brand and line to whether or not I will need their “wide” shoe. These fit fine, with just a little side overhang that you can see in the photos. The first few times I wore them I used a shoe horn just to make it easier to get them on - but no longer needed it after that as the suede stretched just enough.

The Feel - Great!
I walk between 5-10 miles a day just commuting to/from work and running errands. The Luna soles on these shoes are incredibly comfortable, even when compared to my regular running shoes. They are spongey enough to absorb my almost 300 pounds striking the sidewalk, but react quickly as I zoom from one place to the next. I’m not a huge fan of suede for durability reasons, but the uppers on these shoes seem to be taking a beating and doing just fine. The uppers are also quite comfortable and form to fit almost immediately. 

The Style - Superb!
Cole Haan has undeniable character that other oxfords, loafers and chukka boots cannot match. But they also capture a huge breadth of preferences and styles, something you see on the streets of NYC. In a single morning commute you’ll see a flustered grad student, a wall street stiff, a midtown porter and all kinds of folks in between sporting a fresh pair of Cole Haans. This is due to their offerings of everything from conservative to alternative looks in their shoes. I love bright colors and patterns, which made the suede grey with yellow sole an easy decision. Next to the pair I chose at their store, however, was a black on black shoe, something fit for more subtle folks or occasions. Regardless of your preferences, they have a style that will work for you. 

For this shoe in particular, the materials and cut are very nice. Though the sole is flashy, it plays well on the subdued upper with monochromatic laces and stitching. I could wear this shoe into an investor meeting or a Brooklyn warehouse party. 

The Conclusion - Do it! *Don't Do It! - See above with update.
I highly recommend these shoes to larger men (and women) for their style, comfort and fit. Having been previously burned by a poor “big feet” fit, their newer styles and sizes have made me a convert to Cole Haan. Though you may see some variation in their lines for fit, they have a lot of choices that include everything from flamboyant to conservative looks. I know I’ll be keeping my eyes open for my next pair.

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